Historical geoportals as media for the dissemination of culture

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Esteban Xavier Arévalo-Maldonado https://orcid.org/0000-0002-8560-8482


This work analyses the importance of the historical geoportals for an appropriate dissemination of thecartographic heritage. This includes the artefacts produced by the cartography in the past. Many of themare fragile and their conservation is achieved through their digitization. However, heritage is culture andtherefore should not be stored but shared. The general public should know the heritage goods so thosecan transmit culture. In this context it is necessary the creation of some media that could effectively grantaccess to the historical digitized maps. The aim of this document is to analyse the value of the cartographicheritage and to explore media for its effective dissemination. For doing so, there will be introducedseveral projects developed in Europe for the dissemination of the documental heritage and in particularthe cartographic heritage, the latter using historical geoportals. Several European institutions have createddigital libraries and historical geoportals. Furthermore, a centralized library has been developed foraccessing the contents of a number of institutions across the continent. Even if in Latin America a similarproject has been implemented it has limitations as maps are not depicted using the functionalities requiredin a historical geoportal. It is concluded that the creation of a historical geoportal for the historicaldocuments of Ecuador could grant to the public a better knowledge of the built historic heritage fosteringtherefore their governance.
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