Young people in Popular High Schools: between individuation and political subjectivation

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Shirly Said


In this article we seek to relate the concept of political subjectivation with the contributions of the sociologies of the individual, looking forward to generating theoretical and methodological tools that enrich a located analysis of young people ́s experiences in Popular High Schools in Argentina. Our main hypothesis is that there is a distance between the students’ initial expectations and these schools’ institutional proposal, that can be expressed as a latent tension between individuation and subjectivation processes. It questions how to study youngsters ́ individuation processes, in which the scholar trial is crucial, without disattending the political subjectivation processes presented as possible. In methodological terms, it inquires how to approach young people ́s experiences with an attitude of epistemological surveillance, and reflects on the potentialities of the biographic approach. It concludes that this perspectiwve can provide with suitable theoretic-methodological tools for the objectives of this research, giving priority to the production of life stories.
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